The Top 3 Restaurants in City Square Mall in Alexandria

While City Square Mall may be a modest shopping center, it packs a flavorful punch with its carefully curated selection of eateries. Despite its compact size, this unassuming mall is a treasure trove for food enthusiasts seeking exceptional dining experiences. 

From charming cafes to locally renowned restaurants, City Square Mall showcases some of the best-kept culinary secrets in Alexandria. Get ready to explore a delightful array of hidden gem restaurants that prove great things can come in small packages.

The Best City Square Restaurants in Alexandria

Prepare to discover the standout eateries that make this unassuming mall a must-visit destination for local foodies and discerning diners alike.

Nos Regheef

After hearing such great things about Nos Regheef, I finally got to experience it for myself – and wow, what an amazing meal! As soon as my friends and I walked in, we were welcomed with warm smiles and shown to our cozy table.

The menu had so many tempting options that we pretty much ordered one of everything to share. I’m so glad we did because every single dish was incredibly fresh and bursting with flavor. From the succulent meats to the vibrant veggie sides, it was all simply delicious.

But if I had to pick a standout, I’d go with the liver with pomegranate molasses dish. That rich, tangy sauce was the perfect complement to the tender liver. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water all over again!

What really struck me though was the exceptional service. Our waiter was so friendly and attentive, making sure we had everything we needed for an awesome dining experience. You could really tell the staff took pride in their work.

And get this – for the amount of incredible food we devoured, the bill was shockingly reasonable. I honestly couldn’t believe the value we got.

All in all, Nos Regheef way exceeded my expectations. From the warm hospitality to the amazing flavors, it’s now at the top of my list for best restaurants in Alexandria. If you haven’t been yet, do yourself a favor and get over there soon! Just be sure to save room for that liver dish – trust me, it’s a must-try. Here’s the restaurant’s location on Google Maps.

Buffalo Burger

After hearing such amazing reviews, I just had to check out Buffalo Burger for myself – and I’m so glad I did! This cozy little spot in Sidi Gaber totally won me over.

Let’s start with the food, because oh man, was it delicious! I went for the classic burger, and it did not disappoint. The patty was pure, high-quality beef without a bunch of fillers or sauces to upset your stomach. So flavorful and satisfying.

My friend got the chicken dutch sandwich, and one bite had me seriously regretting my order. The crispy fried chicken paired with that smoky bacon was just out-of-this-world good. I’m already craving it again!

Aside from the incredible eats, I loved the laid-back vibe of the place. The staff was so warm and friendly.

My only tiny gripe was that it did get a bit warm inside. But with food this tasty, I could hardly complain! The service was attentive if not lightning-fast, but I didn’t mind taking my time.

All in all, Buffalo Burger exceeded my expectations. From the mouthwatering flavors to the awesome ambiance, it’s now at the top of my list for laid-back local gems. If you haven’t visited yet, do yourself a favor and get over there stat. Just be sure to go with an empty stomach – you’ll want to sample everything on the menu! Here’s the location.

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Haram Al Hamam

Let’s start with the food because that’s the star of the show here. Oh man, was it delicious! I went for the classic friends’ tray, and it did not disappoint. The rice was so flavorful, and all the different meats and veggies were cooked to perfection. The kofta and kabab were juicy and full of flavor. And those fresh, crisp salads were the perfect accompaniment.

The stuffed pigeon did miss the mark a bit – it was on the tougher side and a tad over-peppered for my taste. But the sambosak and other appetizers more than made up for it. And that soup? Chef’s kiss! A must-try.

Now, onto the atmosphere. It’s a lively, vibrant place for sure! The dining hall is pretty packed, with tables quite close together. It made for a fun, energetic vibe…but also meant it got a little loud at times. If you’re looking for an intimate, relaxing meal, this might not be the spot. But if you don’t mind a bit of hustle and bustle, you’ll be right at home.

I’ve got to give major props to the service too. Our orders came out lightning fast, and the staff was incredibly friendly and attentive despite how busy they were. Top-notch hospitality!

My only real gripe was the smoke. With so many people lighting up, the air did get a bit hazy at times. As a non-smoker, it put a slight damper on things.

All in all though, Haram Al Hamam lived up to the hype for me. Was it a perfect experience? No. But with food that delicious and service that on-point, I can definitely see myself going back – especially if I’m craving fantastic Egyptian classics in a lively, no-fuss setting. Just maybe I’ll request the non-smoking section next time! Check out the location on Google Maps.