Best Restaurants in Arkan Plaza

Arkan Plaza has become an extremely popular destination over the past few years, with thousands of people visiting it every week. That’s why we decided to recommend the best restaurants for you to try there.

Best Restaurants in Arkan Plaza


Coco is one of the standout restaurants at Arkan Plaza in terms of food quality and service. Coco has 6 branches across Cairo in El Tagamoa, Heliopolis, and Madinaty. The restaurant suits friends’ gatherings and families, and its menu has everything you can imagine – from pizzas, pastries, and kids’ meals to main courses like steaks and different types of meat.

Standout Dishes at Coco

One of the dishes I really love at Coco is the Chicken Milano – breaded chicken breasts topped with a special sauce and 3 different cheeses, served with a delicious white sauce pasta on the side.

Tres Bon

Tres Bon is similar to Coco in having a diverse menu catering to all tastes. The restaurant offers plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. While I haven’t tried their breakfast before, I can recommend delicious lunch and dinner options soon. It’s also worth noting that Tres Bon has 7 branches across Egypt – 4 in Cairo, 3 on the North Coast, and 1 in Tivoli Dome in Alexandria.

Standout Dishes at Tres Bon

I love chicken dishes with any type of cheese, whether grilled or breaded. So I’d recommend ordering the Cordon Bleu from Tres Bon – breaded chicken breasts stuffed with smoked turkey and cheddar cheese.


Willow’s only has a branch in Arkan Plaza, but dining there is a truly enjoyable experience. They particularly excel at desserts, which you must try. Like the previous restaurants, Willow’s has an extensive menu covering all kinds of dishes. In my opinion, Willow’s is outstanding for pasta and sweets, as well as pastries in general. They also serve Asian-style noodles, which noodle lovers will really enjoy.

Standout Dishes at Willow’s

As I mentioned liking Willow’s pasta, I recommend trying their Creamy Pesto Pasta (obviously not in the image above), which you can add chicken or shrimp to if desired.


Like Willow’s, Maze currently only has a branch in Arkan Plaza. It’s also similar in having a diverse menu with different dishes. Maze’s menu can be a bit confusing at times due to some unclear dish names, but the food is generally delicious – especially the pizzas, pastas, and manakeesh (flatbreads).

Standout Dishes at Maze

One of the unique yet tasty dishes at Maze is The Medley Manouche – like a Syrian manouche but around 60cm long, divided into 3 sections: akkawi cheese, thyme & veggies, and minced meat.


Crave is a large, well-known restaurant chain in Egypt with around 9 branches across Alexandria and Cairo governorates. Needless to say, Crave’s menu is extensive like the other restaurants mentioned. They are particularly strong on beef dishes, and the recommended dish below is from their meat section.

Standout Dishes at Crave

The Fillet Oyster Sauce is a masterpiece at Crave in my opinion – slices of grilled beef with oyster sauce, mixed peppers, onions and mushrooms. It’s served with sautéed onions, rice and sautéed veggies.

Villa Caracas

Villa Caracas specializes in Lebanese cuisine and has 4 branches in Cairo plus one in El Marasi on the North Coast. If you want authentic, delicious Lebanese food at Arkan, Villa Caracas is the ideal choice. For me, pastries are among the strongest items on any Lebanese restaurant’s menu.

Standout Dishes at Villa Caracas

On their special dishes menu, you’ll find something called Kafta bel Laban which is obviously unusual for Egyptians based on the name, but it’s actually delicious.

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet offers a variety of savory and sweet pastries. They have two branches – one in Arkan Plaza and another at the Grand Egyptian Museum. As a pastry specialist, we must start with their pizzas which are delicious, unique and worth trying.

Standout Dishes at Bitter Sweet

Being a pizza lover, I recommend the Classic Ottoman Pizza – a perfectly baked pizza base topped with Turkish sujuk sausage, cheese, tomatoes, and 2 boiled eggs with a drizzle of flavored oil.