Best 10 Restaurants for Iftar in Sheikh Zayed

Ramadan is all about togetherness, good time, and having a good meal with your family watching TV. 

It is a special time when everyone gets together to share iftar and sohour.

However, sometimes we like a little change during this holy month, from homemade food. 

And when it rolls around, we like to be prepared with all the venues that have special menus and entertainment to celebrate Ramadan.

With that said, here are the best 10 restaurants where you can have a delicious iftar with astonishing Ramadan vibes. 

Disclaimer: it’s better to reserve a table before you go to any restaurant to avoid the crowd and ensure a spot at iftar time.

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Restaurants for Iftar in Sheikh Zayed

#1 Mistiqa

From barbecue to mezzas freshly cooked,  this place has it all!

Mistiqa is one of the places that serve authentic food with a delicious twist. 

They also have great Ramadan vibes that you won’t miss!

They have set menus or you can pre-order your own meal before you come. 

Their prices range from 100-500 egp which is considered average for iftar.

Location: Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza Governorate 3247016

Contact for pre-orders, reservations & delivery: 0105 050 2222

#2 Favilla

Do you know that “Favilla” in Italian means Spark? And that is what Favilla does to our taste buds. 

It’s amongst the best Italian restaurants and cafes in Egypt and it suits a family outing as well as a friendly one. 

In Ramadan, this place offers an open buffet where you can have all the tasty food of Favilla as well as an open buffet for deserts, can you imagine it?!

Their prices for the open buffet range from 300-400 egp per person. 

Location: Al Shabab Rd, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza Governorate 12593

Contact: 0100 323 3646

#3 Leil & Kheil Park

Leil & Kheil is a new experience in El Sheikh Zayed, where you can enjoy food, great and different vibes with horse shows.

This place is full of Ramadan vibes and nights, they serve unique food and beverages that suit the atmosphere of the place.

And what is better than a Ramadan Iftar in front of horse shows. 

Their prices might be a bit high, $$$ but worth the experience; you’ll enjoy it. 

Location: El-Nozha, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza Governorate 3248140

Contact: 01114440838

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#4 Trés Bon

Trés Bon has one of the most delicious foods out there in El Sheikh Zayed, and in Ramadan, they definitely satisfy your hungry, fasting appetite! 

They serve a variety of menu items that are super delicious, not to mention their great Ramadan vibes. 

In order to eat there, you need to call the branch first to reserve a table on Iftar, pay a deposit whether it’s cash, online payment, or by card, and confirm your full order by 3:00 pm. 

Their prices are average for an Iftar outing, $$. 

Location: 2293+PPP, Arkan, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza Governorate 3247016

Contact: 0100 017 2089

#5 Flori

Looking to spend an iftar accompanied by great music, great food, and nice decorations? Then Flori is your go-to!

Flori serves a variety of food options that are full of taste, needless to say, their quality in Ramadan is perfect regardless of many other restaurants. 

You can get iftar and then spend the rest of the night there!

Their prices are within the average, $$. 

Location: City walk Strip, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza Governorate 3242002

Contact: 01026688833

#6 Villa Caracas

During the usual Ramadan food, we are usually searching for a change in cuisine, right? With that said, Villa Caracas is your place to go! 

They serve delicious and various Lebanese food that will give you the change you need and break your routine.

Their vibes are great during Ramadan as well. 

You can choose your meal from their menu items, but you need to reserve a table first and be prepared with your order. 

Their prices are a bit high but worth it, $$$. 

Location: 2X5G+JPG, Mall of Arabia, الجيزة،, First 6th of October

Contact: 01097543679

#7 Ayadina

A warm and inviting Lebanese restaurant that offers an authentic fusion of Lebanese flavors, a lovely setting, and a friendly staff. 

With their creative Lebanese cuisine and opulent setting, they’re eager to give you a fine dining experience.

During Ramadan, they serve a brimming open buffet that caters to every Lebanese food lover. You only have to reserve a spot before 3:00 pm. 

Their open buffet prices are average, $$.

Location: Mall of Arabia The Park extension – Gate 9, Cairo Governorate

Contact: 0225989193

#8 Andrea

A tasty meal and a beautiful view are unbeatable, and we just defined what Andrea is all about. 

Don’t overindulge in the salads and appetizers when you visit Andrea or you’ll miss a fantastic meal.

You don’t want to miss out on the great vibes of Andrea during Ramadan!

Their prices may be a bit high considering the setting, $$$.

#9 The Smokery’s

During the holy month, The Smokery’s serve a great deal of oriental food. 

The Smokery’s is located with an amazing view where you can enjoy your meal in a great atmosphere.  

During Ramadan, you can order from their oriental menu but you have to reserve a table before 3:00 pm with your full order first.

Their prices are high but considering the location, it’s definitely worth it, $$$$. 

Location: Palm Hills Golf Views
Contact: 01211270078

#10 Bocca

Your drooling mouths during fasting deserve a great meal afterward, and that is what Bocca offers during the holy month with mouth-watering flavors.

They offer an open buffet that has various delicious food items, and also a set menu if you don’t want the open buffet options. 

You have to reserve a spot by 4:00 pm!

Their prices are average for an iftar outing, $$$. 

Location: 22G6+4GV, Park St. Sheikh Zayed City, Giza Governorate 3247604

Contact: 01122300000

All in all, we wish you a Ramadan Kareem, a blissful month, and don’t forget to eat heartily!