The Park Mall of Arabia Restaurants is your go-to!

The Park at Mall of Arabia has been the go-to location since it opened!

It combined many different activities to suit everyone; a track for joggers, a playground area for kids, social events for the outgoing, and a broad variety of food options for the hungry.

Speaking of which, the Park at Mall of Arabia integrates numerous alternative dining restaurants that will satisfy your culinary whims!

The Park Mall of Arabia Restaurants: The Best 10 Places to Try!

1. Qahwa

When we say breakfast, we have to mention Qahwa!

Qahwa is popular for its amazing and tasty breakfast and brunch plates! Not to forget their signature cup of coffee. They got those tempting lunch/breakfast dishes that one can’t overlook!

Their location in the park is perfect for a sunny outdoor outing and relaxing at night!

Their prices are good considering their great portions!

2. Crave

Crave brings the best variety of dishes from around the world!

They serve just the perfect plates that are indeed tasty; their menu has a variety of dishes that will satisfy many people’s tastes!

You won’t regret dining there due to their amazing service and reasonable prices.

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3. Caracas

Looking for the best Lebanese cuisine? Caracas is it!

Caracas is a one-stop-shop for Lebanese food, they serve a variety of delicious food along with their significant oriental desserts menu! You’ll fall in love with their strong taste.

Their prices are reasonable for a dinner place.


The place “When art and food come to life”!

At GALA you can enjoy international cuisine with a variety of dishes, gastronomic wonders, and lots and lots of art!

Nothing can beat GALA’s artistic and immersive atmosphere.

Good prices with good quality!

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5. Bruxies

Bruxies where burgers and shakes collide!

This place has premium quality European food; they offer authentic and tasty dishes that will satisfy your appetite.

Their vibes and ambiance are top-notch and their prices are reasonable!

6. Kazouza

Getting in touch with our roots is what Kazouza offers!

This place serves a wide range of Egyptian street food that will cater to a variety of tastes!

Kazouza has great vibes and great food, but be careful you might not stop eating! Their prices and portions are great

7. Shocks Burger

Everyone’s favorite Burger truck!

Shocks burger has the juiciest and tastiest burgers ever… besides their significant shakes, ice cream, and hot dogs!

The best burgers in town at affordable prices! If you don’t feel like going to a restaurant, this truck is your go-to!

8. Ayadina

Another Lebanese restaurant, why not?

Ayadina serves a great selection of Lebanese food with fresh and tasty ingredients!

Enjoy the exquisite and robust flavors with beautiful vibes that bring Lebanon to your seat!

Their prices are reasonable with great portions.

9. Taiyaki

Craving ice creams in the hot weather? Taiyaki is your answer!

Taiyaki brings famous Japanese desserts to you. You have to try their Mochi, and Boba Tea!

You cannot miss their black ice cream with a black biscuit or a fish-shaped waffle!

They offer authentic and different desserts that you most certainly will like! And all of this with affordable prices.

10. Shakes N’ Bakes

Looking for fresh smoothies in hot steamy weather? Shakes N’ Bakes is here for you!

This place offers fresh smoothies, along with deserts and healthy bowls!

Very reasonable prices with great quality!

So, don’t miss out on this lavish atmosphere and take your family and friends out for a fun day at The Park Mall…or even take yourself out!