The Top Italian Restaurants in New Cairo

Craving authentic Italian flavors without leaving New Cairo? Look no further than these must-visit Italian restaurants that are taking the local dining scene by storm.

Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey as we explore the very best Italian restaurants in New Cairo. From innovative twists on timeless favorites to faithful recreations of iconic regional specialties, these eateries are raising the bar for Cairo’s international culinary offerings. Buon appetito!

The Top 5 Italian Restaurants in New Cairo


If you’re in the mood for an exceptional Italian dining experience, Pattini should definitely be on your radar. This charming spot has quickly become a local favorite, thanks to its outstanding food and beautiful lakeside setting.

The menu is filled with flavor-packed pasta dishes that’ll have your taste buds doing a happy dance. Standouts include the signature Tuscany pasta – a must-try for first-timers – as well as the creamy, decadent fettuccine Alfredo. But the real showstopper seems to be the Tuscan salmon pasta, which blends perfectly cooked fish with al dente noodles in a rich, savory sauce.

What really elevates the Pattini experience is the gorgeous lakefront location. With a picturesque view of the water and a lovely outdoor seating area, it creates such a romantic, almost European-esque vibe that’s perfect for special occasion dinners or leisurely dates.

The service also gets high marks for being warm and attentive, with staff who go the extra mile to make you feel welcomed. However, a few reviewers did mention slower pacing when it comes to getting your food, so you may want to plan for a more leisurely dining experience.

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If you’re craving authentic Italian flavors in New Cairo, Ventuno21 should be at the top of your list! This modern yet cozy spot serves up some of the best pizza, pasta, and Italian dishes around.

The pizzas are an absolute standout. The dough is perfected – light, airy and with just the right chew. Toppings like the anchovy paste strike that perfect balance of flavor without being overpowering. The pasta dishes are also winners, like the Pasta Gratinata with tender chicken, smoky bacon, and a beautifully balanced sauce.

Beyond the delicious food, Ventuno21 really nails the warm, welcoming atmosphere. The staff and owners treat you like family from the moment you walk in. You’ll feel right at home enjoying your meal in the stylish yet friendly setting.

On the value front, it’s hard to beat Ventuno21’s prices for the quality you get. The portions are generous, and the pricing is quite reasonable, especially for such authentic Italian fare.

Now for some constructive feedback – a couple reviewers mentioned minor inconsistencies like undercooked bacon in the carbonara. And popular menu items can sell out, so it’s best to have a backup pick in mind.

8 Otto

If you’re looking for a charming spot to start your day on a delicious note, 8 Otto should definitely be on your radar. This delightful cafe and restaurant is a morning haven with its lovely outdoor seating area that just beckons you to linger over coffee or a tasty breakfast.

The food menu offers classic breakfast dishes with creative, elevated twists that keep things interesting. While portion sizes lean towards the smaller side, the flavors more than make up for it. Expect high-quality ingredients and inventive preparations that’ll have you savoring every last bite.

Beyond the flavorful fare, 8 Otto really nails the ambiance. The stylish yet cozy setting feels like the perfect place to catch up with friends over breakfast or enjoy a relaxing solo morning. The service is excellent too – the staff is incredibly warm, friendly and attentive.

If you’re looking to branch out from breakfast, 8 Otto also serves up tasty Italian staples like pizza and pasta for lunch and dinner. Reviews rave about dishes like the arugula salad with nuts and the truffled pizza.

On the downside, a couple reviewers mentioned that juice/drink options can be limited at times, with seasonal varieties sometimes unavailable. And again, while the food is top-notch, don’t expect massive portions.


If you’re craving authentic, lip-smackingly good Italian cuisine, Pepenero needs to be at the top of your list! This cozy restaurant serves up some of the most delizioso pizza and pasta dishes around.

The pizzas are an absolute standout, with that perfect crispy-yet-chewy crust and fresh, high-quality toppings. But the pastas are just as praiseworthy – the handmade tagliatelle with chicken in a creamy parmesan sauce is to die for. The veal with pesto pasta is another winner, perfectly cooked with bright, herbaceous flavors.

Beyond the incredible food, Pepenero scores high marks for its warm, inviting ambiance. The cozy setting has a lovely romantic vibe that makes it an ideal spot for date nights. However, its popularity means the place can get quite crowded, so reservations are an absolute must unless you opt for takeaway.

Speaking of the staff, they definitely deserve a rave for their top-notch service and friendliness. You’ll feel warmly welcomed from the moment you step through the doors.

Now for a couple minor drawbacks – as you might expect for such high-quality Italian fare, the pricing is a tad on the higher end. And while portion sizes are generous, a couple reviewers mentioned wishing for just a tad more quantity on some dishes.

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If you’re a true pasta lover, you need to put Pastini on your must-visit list immediately! This cozy little Italian gem is hands down one of the best spots in Cairo for fresh, handmade pasta dishes bursting with authentic flavors.

What sets Pastini apart is their dedication to crafting pasta from scratch every day using supremely fresh, high-quality ingredients. From the very first bite, you can taste the difference that tender, homemade pasta makes. Favorites like the rich carbonara and hearty bolognese are taken to new heights of deliciousness.

But pasta isn’t the only star – the homemade tiramisu is an absolute showstopper! Light, creamy and indulgent, it’s the perfect way to cap off your Italian feast. One reviewer confessed to devouring three slices in one sitting – no judgment here!

Beyond the incredible food, Pastini nails the warm, inviting atmosphere. The intimate, charming space has a homey family-run vibe that makes you feel right at ease as you linger over your meal. The service is friendly and attentive as well.

Now for a few areas for improvement: Pastini’s premium pricing definitely reflects the quality, but could be a stretch for some budgets. And due to the small, cozy space, making reservations is an absolute must to ensure you can snag a table. A couple of reviewers also mentioned small misses like not having enough glassware available.