Best Suhoor in Maadi – 3 Places For a Perfect Oriental Meal

Ramadan is a time for gathering with loved ones over delicious food. Maadi, this charming Cairo neighborhood, is home to some truly exceptional suhoor spots serving up authentic Egyptian flavors. From long-standing local institutions to new culinary delights, these 3 restaurants offer an unbeatable combination of mouthwatering cuisine and warm hospitality that’ll make your suhoor experience unforgettable.

Best Suhoor in Maadi

These top Maadi gems provide the perfect setting to prepare for fasting while immersing yourself in the vibrant Ramadan ambiance.

3am Attia

3am Attia is a true gem for an authentic Egyptian suhoor experience in Maadi! I had such a delightful meal of their famous foul (fava beans), perfectly boiled eggs, crispy french fries, and flavorful fried eggplant and peppers. Everything was downright delicious!

The portion sizes are quite generous too and the lively, inviting atmosphere added to the enjoyment, with quick and attentive service from the friendly staff.

While it can get a bit crowded at times due to their well-deserved popularity, that’s a small price to pay for foul this exceptionally tasty! The quality and flavors are second to none. I’ve truly never experienced fava beans prepared as deliciously as they do it here.

From the rich, savory foul to the perfectly crisp fries and fresh accompanying dishes, every component plate sang with flavor. The spice blend they use is simply divine. Even the eggs were cooked ideally!

For the ultimate Maadi foul and a soulful suhoor under the trees, 3am Attia should be at the top of your list. The mouthwatering fare and lively ambiance create an unbeatable experience.

Hamada El Wahy

My visit to Hamada El Wahy was completely spontaneous, but I’m so glad I stumbled upon this fantastic hidden gem!

The food itself is out-of-this-world delicious across the board. Literally every single dish I tried was an absolute flavor knockout! Their famous foul (fava beans) is hands down some of the best I’ve ever had, prepared with such skill and perfect seasoning.

But Hamada El Wahy is about more than just the incredible fare. The owner, Hamada, is an absolute class act – such a genuinely kind and respectable man. His staff also radiate that same welcoming, friendly energy. You can tell true pride goes into every aspect of the dining experience.

For me, it ended up being the most enjoyable and satisfying suhoor meal during the entire Ramadan season. The flavorful food coupled with the stellar service made it an evening I’ll never forget.

Plenty of reviewers rave about their sublime foul with ghee, which I have to agree sounds like a total game-changer! The cuisine is simply outstanding across the board.

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Taغamees easily ranks among the best places I’ve ever had suhoor outside home! The food is simply excellent across the board.

Their cheese and onion dish is an absolute standout – so flavorful and the portions are quite generous for the reasonable prices. The fresh-baked Egyptian bread they make in-house is also a real treat.

Beyond the delicious eats, the service, atmosphere, and overall cleanliness of the restaurant are top-notch too. It’s not often I give a perfect 5-star rating for every aspect, but Taغamees truly deserves it. They get every detail just right.

For an authentic Egyptian breakfast spread, their foul (fava beans) and falafel selections are crowd favorites. I personally loved the tangy lemon-seasoned foul and the delightfully crispy fresh fries. Even simple dishes like the fried eggs had an elevated presentation.

While most items are very reasonably priced, a few menu options did seem a tad overpriced. But that’s just a minor quibble when the quality is this consistently high.

The fresh ein gamal yogurt drink was also a pleasant surprise – so refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to the rich, savory flavors.