The Best Places to Have Suhoor in Sheikh Zayed

Looking for the perfect suhoor spot this Ramadan in Sheikh Zayed? From casual Egyptian eateries to upscale dining destinations, this diverse area has plenty of delicious suhoor options to suit every craving. We’ve rounded up 5 must-try restaurants that consistently deliver outstanding cuisine and warm hospitality.

Best Suhoor in Sheikh Zayed

Get ready to savor mouthwatering dishes while taking in Sheikh Zayed’s vibrant Ramadan ambiance at these beloved culinary gems.


If you’re looking for an absolutely delightful suhoor spot in Sheikh Zayed, Tabali is an outstanding choice! Their food is downright delicious across the board. The fresh juices are fantastic too – so refreshing and flavorful. And the waiters are incredibly attentive and friendly.

For an authentic Egyptian food experience, their Alexandrian liver dish is simply sublime. The falafel is also phenomenal. And their bread is so fresh and generously portioned – the perfect accompaniment.

Tabali’s menu is exceptionally diverse with plenty of tantalizing options. The portions are quite large and can easily satisfy multiple people. Their feteer rates a solid 8/10. But the real stars are the falafel with fava bean puree (10/10), the Tabali feteer (10/10), and the massive lahalibu omelet (10/10) – all simply divine!

For the best oriental-style suhoor in all of Egypt, Tabali is second to none. Their quality is truly exceptional, easily a 10/5 rating! Some may think the prices are high, but trust me, it’s an absolute bargain considering the phenomenal fare. Just be mindful that the portions are quite hefty, so order accordingly.

Tabali is conveniently located in the center of Sheikh Zayed city in Arkan Plaza.


Istebaha is hands down one of the best places for authentic, delicious Oriental cuisine!

For suhoor, their fool and falafel are simply outstanding. The flavors are so vibrant and satisfying – the perfect way to end your day during the holy month. And their prices are very reasonable too.

In my opinion, their Alexandrian liver dish and Oriental-style sausages are among the greatest you’ll find. Such incredible depth of flavor in every bite!

Beyond the stellar food, the restaurant itself is incredibly clean and well-maintained. The staff is wonderfully professional, ensuring excellent service that really elevates the whole dining experience.

I’m honestly so impressed by the consistent high quality Istebaha manages to achieve. Every component – from the meticulously prepared dishes to the warm hospitality – is simply superb.

For an unforgettable suhoor in Sheikh Zayed, Istebaha is an absolute must-visit. Savor their mouthwatering Egyptian food specialties in a welcoming, impeccably clean ambiance.

El Gada3

El Gadaa is a wonderfully clean eatery. Their internationally-inspired pies and hawawshi are absolutely delightful!

The Alexandrian liver dish is quite tasty, though the portions are on the smaller side and it can be a bit oily and peppery. But their foul and falafel receive high marks.

While the food quality is excellent across the board, the prices are admittedly on the higher end. But you truly get what you pay for – premium ingredients and flavors.

It can get quite busy at times, resulting in somewhat longer waits. But that’s an excellent sign of just how popular and craveable their cuisine is! The friendly staff works hard to serve everyone promptly.

We recently tried their mix cheese and pastrami pies, and they were absolutely scrumptious! The quality of ingredients really shines through in every delectable bite. Though pricey, you can taste that the food is well worth the splurge.

For an upscale yet relaxed suhoor experience in Sheikh Zayed, El Gadaa is a stellar choice. Indulge in their authentic Egyptian food staples or globally-inspired savory pies. Just be prepared for a potential wait during peak times due to their well-earned popularity!

El Sonny

El Sonny is hands down the best spot for foul (fava beans), falafel, and authentic Egyptian street food in all of Sheikh Zayed. While it’s a super casual, no-frills kind of place, the food is absolutely delicious and the staff are incredibly friendly folks.

This humble eatery is one of the most charming local gems for savoring classic foul, falafel, and french fries done right. The passionate employees add so much warmth and character.

For an unbeatable taste of real Egyptian comfort food and hospitality at its finest, El Sonny can’t be topped. The mouthwatering eats and wonderfully authentic ambiance make it an absolute must-visit, especially for suhoor during Ramadan. Prepare to be charmed!

El Ba2al

El Ba2al is a fantastic spot to grab some seriously tasty sandwiches! Their kitchen is spick-and-span, which is always a great sign.

The sandwiches they serve are downright gourmet and full of delicious, high-quality ingredients. You can really taste the care and effort that goes into their outstanding fare.

For some of the best gourmet sandwiches around in a nicely upkept setting, El Ba2al is definitely worth a visit in Sheikh Zayed. Let their tasty creations provide delicious sustenance while preparing for your fast.