The Best Suhoor In New Cairo

When it comes to savoring a truly memorable suhoor in New Cairo, these top 3 restaurants offer an unparalleled experience. From lovingly prepared authentic Egyptian delicacies to warm hospitality and vibrant ambiance, they provide the perfect setting for a great suhoor.

Best Suhoor in New Cairo (Tagamo3)

Whether you crave classic comforts or innovative twists on traditional fare, these standout New Cairo destinations deliver the ultimate in suhoor satisfaction.

Tabali X The Ark

Tabali is an absolute must-visit for an outstanding suhoor experience in New Cairo! The food quality and portions are truly excellent across the board.

Everything tastes incredibly fresh and flavorful, from their classic Egyptian dishes like foul (fava beans) and falafel to the delightfully crispy house-baked bread. They offer an extensive menu with so many tempting options to choose from.

For lovers of authentic Egyptian cuisine, Tabali absolutely hits the spot. You can taste the care and premium ingredients that go into each dish. Despite the exceptional quality, the pricing is quite fair and reasonable.

Tabali X The Ark takes the experience to another level with their lively suhoor vibes. Twinkling lights, traditional lanterns, and decorations transport you into a festive mood. The energy is electric as guests gather to prepare for their fast together over Tabali’s mouthwatering fare.

The flavors, the freshness, the plentiful portions, and the warm hospitality all come together to make Tabali an absolute gem for suhoor. Whether you’re craving foul, falafel, Egyptian breads, or any other breakfast favorite, it’s all impeccably prepared.

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Tableyet Fool

Tableyet Fool is hands down one of the best suhoor spots I’ve been to! 

From the incredibly friendly and accommodating owners to the outstanding customer service, you truly feel welcomed and valued as a guest. And that’s despite how insanely popular and in-demand this place gets – a true testament to their dedication.

But what really sets Tableyet Fool apart is the outstandingly delicious food. Every dish is prepared with such skill and high-quality ingredients. The flavors are simply phenomenal across the board. And the portions are splendidly generous too!

Beyond the exceptional eats, Tableyet Fool cultivates such a warm, lively vibe that adds to the all-around amazing experience. It’s a true standout for both the scrumptious cuisine and vibrant suhoor ambiance.

I can’t recommend Tableyet Fool enough, especially if you’re looking for the ultimate spot to savor a delicious suhoor in New Cairo. The mouthwatering food, warm hospitality, and joyful spirit make it an absolute must-visit during Ramadan!


Taghamees is an absolute gem for an authentic and delightful suhoor experience in New Cairo!

The food is not only delicious but also prepared and presented with impeccable care. The mushroom foul in particular received rave reviews as out-of-this-world tasty. And their signature taamiya with harissa is perfect.

But it’s not just about the scrumptious eats. The entire dining experience at Taغamees is top-notch from start to finish. The staff are incredibly friendly, respectful, and accommodating – always ready to offer recommendations if you’re feeling indecisive about what to order.

The restaurant itself has such an inviting, comfortable ambiance that immediately puts you at ease. Everything is pristinely clean and well-maintained, allowing you to fully savor your meal.

If you’re looking for an outstanding spot to prepare for your fast over traditional Egyptian delicacies in New Cairo, Taغamees should definitely be at the top of your list. The stellar food and service make for an unbeatable experience!

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