The Best Breakfast Restaurants in New Cairo

Start your day off right by fueling up at one of New Cairo’s top breakfast destinations. From hearty omelets and pancake stacks to flavorful sandwiches and fresh-baked delights, this area has no shortage of amazing morning fare. 

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We’ve rounded up five standout spots that are sure to satisfy any breakfast craving. Get ready to kick your day into high gear with these delicious local gems.


If you’re looking for an amazing breakfast in New Cairo, Duchess needs to be at the top of your list! Their breakfast game is seriously strong, from the incredible “Miss Veggie” veggie omelette to the mind-blowingly good shrimp and egg sandwich.

The veggie omelette was a definite standout – I got mine loaded with cheese, which took it to the next level of deliciousness. The portion was massive and came with a fresh garden salad on the side. But the real star might have been that shrimp sandwich. The shrimp was plump and juicy, and the whole sandwich was just bursting with flavors. Again, the portion was extremely generous.

We also tried their Dutch pancake, which ended up being more like a crepe texture-wise. But it was still a tasty addition to our epic breakfast feast. Overall, the food was incredible – fresh, flavorful, and served in hearty portions that’ll keep you full for hours.

What Could Have Been Better

The only potential downside is that it can get quite busy, so you may need to have some patience when trying to snag a table. But in my opinion, the amazing eats are well worth the wait!

Ralph’s German Bakery

If you’re searching for an amazing breakfast spot in New Cairo, Ralph’s German Bakery should be at the top of your list! I recently visited their location for an early morning meal and had such a fantastic experience.

Let’s start with the food – it was absolutely delicious, just like at their other branches. I went with the full English breakfast and swapped out the beef bacon for sausage. The eggs were perfectly cooked, and the greens and sauces added so much flavor. I literally cleaned my plate!

But the real showstopper might have been their fresh-squeezed orange juice. Talk about a burst of citrusy goodness! It was pricey at around 60 EGP, but in my opinion, totally worth it for that level of freshness.

The atmosphere was delightfully chill and not too crowded, which made for a really relaxing breakfast outing. The staff were super friendly and provided excellent service too.

What Could Have Been Better

In terms of potential downsides, I really can’t think of many! Maybe the eggs could have used a tad more seasoning, but that’s an easy fix with the salt and pepper shakers. And as I mentioned, the fresh OJ was on the pricier side.

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If you’re a fan of delicious, high-quality food alongside excellent service, then Ovio in New Cairo needs to be on your radar! This charming restaurant has seriously raised the bar when it comes to tasty breakfast/brunch fare.

Let me start by raving about their sourdough bread – not only is it super fresh and flavorful, but it’s also a healthier option. You can even sprinkle some Himalayan salt on top for an extra flavor boost. During my visit, I indulged in their signature Ovio breakfast platter along with a glass of fresh orange juice and a creamy cappuccino. But the real standouts were the Belgian chocolate pancakes and rich dark hot chocolate – absolutely divine!

The food isn’t the only impressive part though. Ovio has made admirable eco-friendly efforts like using paper straws, which is always a plus in my book. And the service was outstanding – the staff was incredibly friendly, attentive, and happy to make recommendations.

What Could Have Been Better

The only thing I noticed was that there can sometimes be a bit of a wait, especially during peak brunch hours. But in my opinion, the food and overall experience are well worth a little extra patience.


I recently paid “Toasted” a visit and was impressed by their menu offerings.

The standouts for me were the club sandwich and the spicy tuna sandwich. Everything was delicious and really hit the spot. But what really struck me were the generous portion sizes – you definitely get bang for your buck in terms of quantity.

The restaurant’s design and vibe are also on point. It has a cool, modern aesthetic that makes for a pleasant dining atmosphere. And from my experience, the service was friendly and efficient.

What Could Have Been Better

Now, one potential area for improvement is the cleanliness and upkeep of the tables. During my visit, some of the tables seemed a bit unclean and could have used a more thorough wipe-down between customers. It’s a minor gripe, but something to keep an eye on for management.

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If you’re on the hunt for an amazing breakfast spot in New Cairo, Eatery needs to be at the top of your list! This charming restaurant offers up some seriously delicious morning fare, especially their sublime fateer and omda platter.

During my recent visit, I was blown away by the delightful atmosphere Eatery has cultivated. It’s the kind of warm, inviting space that immediately puts you at ease and sets the tone for a pleasant dining experience. The service was also top-notch – our server was attentive, friendly, and more than happy to guide us through the menu.

In terms of the food itself, the flavors were on point! We opted for the foul iskandarani and basterma eggs, and both dishes were tasty and generously portioned. But the real showstopper was the fateer – flaky, perfectly spiced, and worth a return visit alone in my opinion. The fresh pineapple juice was also a standout.

What Could Have Been Better

Now, one potential drawback is that there can sometimes be a bit of a wait, especially if you go around peak brunch hours like we did on a Friday post-noon. We had to be patient for around 30-45 minutes before being seated. But the food and overall experience made it worth it.